buried construction

The key to effective subterranean construction is horizontal directional drilling paired with vibratory plowing. This combination is perfectly suited for all communications media including copper, coax and fiber. The production of Vermeer’s Flextrac75 combined with the versatility of the Navigator series drills will complete any project including sensitive developed and erosion prone areas on time, within budget and with minimum disturbance. Equipped for up to 40,000 lb pull back, JCCI can meet the demands of all soil and terrain. Also available, and in some circumstances still the best option, is open trenching with depths available up to 60". And we don’t stop with just cable placement, let us work out the details of your curbside electronics needs constructing aesthetically pleasing pads and platforms.

The drill path is carefully pre-planned to avoid damaging existing utilities.
Our experienced crew precisely directs and steers the drill bit via a radio detection device.
After the initial boring is complete, a reamer is then attached at the end of the line. The bore path is enlarged to accommodate conduit.
The Conduit is pulled through by the Directional Drill Rig.
A vibratory plow is used for installation of various types of underground cable or small diameter plastic pipe.
It looks like a blade that is pulled through the ground. The blade vibrates under power from the tractor making it much easier to pull than a static blade. The setup usually includes a reel that unrolls the pipe or cable into the groove as it's cut into the ground. The vibrating plow is most often seen on trenchers.
The groove is very narrow, does little damage to the ground surface, and does not require backfilling.

JCCI can meet the demands of all soil and terrain. In some circumstances, open trenching is still the best option. We don't stop with just cable placement, let us work out the details of your curbside electronic needs, constructing aesthetically pleasing pads and platforms.

general excavation

Complete your project from start to finish in a turnkey fashion by utilizing JCCI to design, estimate and manage your network addition. From the first field survey, to final plans, implementation to final as-builts JCCI knows the network business and understands there is not simply one key measure to a project: costs, timeliness, safety, and quality must be a part of a successful, hassle-free project. From units, to project bids, to complete EFI, JCCI delivers.

project management

Our project management team can oversee your project and deliver the final approval on the project. Our project managers maintain a safe and professional work environment for every project they manage.

fiber splicing

Precision Fiber Splicing, our fiber splicing division, are experts in the field, certified in design, installation, testing and maintenance of Passive Optical Networks (PON). DWDM and FTTx requirements are getting the most out of each fiber. Testing and documentation from base OTDR loss and power readings up to chromatic (dispersion) and polarization mode dispersion will insure you will get the most from each strand today and tomorrow.

Twisted pair, the under appreciated workhorse of communications for decades, is still one of the most cost effective means of delivering bandwidth to customers. With today’s technology, proper design and solid maintenance procedures copper will serve your customers well for years to come. New deployment, PIC or paper and pulp, modular or individual IDC, cut sheets and records, maintenance testing and troubleshooting, JCCI splicers have what it takes to deliver the optimized dialtone required for todays low loss, high bandwidth services.

Splicing fiber, splicing copper and coax, or installing today’s voice, data and video services our technicians will deliver quality and value, safely and to specifications, on time, and within budget.

underground construction

Your plant infrastructure is intended to serve your customers for decades. Shortcuts and poor quality, even if they meet minimum standards are costly and effect the use of the investment forever. Jansen Cable knows how to do it right. Whether it is forming up a new manhole on site, setting a pre-cast unit or trenching in that 12 way duct bank, you can be sure of the maximum utilization from the first day to full capacity.

aerial construction

New construction, maintenance, storm damage, fiber, copper or coax, JCCI is equipped to handle the gamut of aerial activity. Placing poles, setting anchors and strand, lashing and slack loops to your specifications including RUS, we can safely complete your overhead construction project.

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